maths homework- 23.2.18

convert the following improper fractions into mixed numbers:

e.g. 16/7 =   2 and 1/7

1. 14/10
4. 8/3
5. 8/7
6. 11/8
7. 12/9
8. 7/4
9. 16/10
10. 10/7

Craft Afternoon ideas

On Tuesday afternoon parents are invited in for 4DB's coffee afternoon. As we have just started our new topic we would like to make our own rain forests. I have asked everyone to bring in a cereal box and below are some ideas of what we want to make.
We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday we went around the world and complete lots of activities. We visited America, Brazil, Greece and Iceland. The children all loved it!

Spellings: 23.2.18
1. submerge  2. subheading  3. submarine  4. subordinate   5. subway   6. superman  7. supervise
 8. supersede   9. superpower  10.superhuman 

Good morning,
Welcome back to a new half term. I hope you have all had plenty of rest and enjoyed your week off!
This term we will continue to test times tables on a Tuesday morning which will continue from last half term.
We will still be doing P.E. on a Thursday afternoon however, we will be doing outdoor P.E. (weather dependent) so please bring something warm to wear outside.

There was no homework for the half term but maths and spellings will be given out again on Friday.

Have a lovely week.
Miss Bolton
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